See our documentation / help articles on using the Blockons plugin for WordPress.

Getting Started

Using the Blockons Plugin


Tabs Block

Adding tabbed content to your website can maintain clarity and reduce clutter, and enhance user experience.

Content Toggler Block

The Content Toggler Block allows your website viewers to toggle the visibility of content with a single button click.

Advanced Slider Block

Display any content of your choice, add links or even display your WooCommerce products within the Advanced Slider block.

Image Comparison Block

Let users compare 2 images of the same proportion by dragging a slider left or right, using the Image Comparison block.

Advanced Image Gallery Block

Select from 3 different layouts when using the Advanced Image Gallery block

WooCommerce Featured Product block

Add a WooCommerce Featured product block to your pages to bring attention to products on sale or that you want to stand out.

WooCommerce Mini Cart block

Add a neat drop down WooCommerce mini cart block to your header, footer or page content with Blockons.

WooCommerce Account Icon block

The WooCommerce Account icon block is a simple icon block to re-direct your viewers to their WooCommerce account page.

Video Slider Block

The Video Slider block is a great way to display multiple videos, and only play the selected video when a user clicks play.

Testimonials Block (Slider or Carousel)

Neatly display your client reviews or good comments on your website pages with a Testimonials slider or carousel block.

Search Bar or Search Icon block

A much more customizable search bar block for your website. Select from a default search bar, an icon with a search drop down or a search popup.

Progress Bars

Progress bars are a beautiful, fun way to visually display percentage amounts on your website, whether it’s of goals completed, coffee’s drank or whatever information you may want to show.

Marketing Button Block

Use the marketing button block instead of a normal button to attract your viewers to click through and view and content you want them to see

Line Heading Block

Use our more advanced Line Heading block to create better looking titles for your website pages.

Image Carousel Block or Image Slider

See how to add and edit the Image Carousel block or slider block to your website pages to display your images beautifully.

Icon List block

Use the Icon List block to create better looking, visually more attractive, customizable lists for your website pages.

Accordion Block

Follow the instructions on how to add an accordion block to your page and edit the Accordion(s) settings.

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