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Advanced Slider Block

Display any content of your choice, add links or even display your WooCommerce products within the Advanced Slider block.

The Advanced Slider Block now offered in the Blockons plugin is a neat way to display content of your choice, or add your WooCommerce products as slides within the Advanced Slider.

You can add a many slides as you like, and even edit each slide separately to the rest… Giving you full control of this advanced slider block.


Adding the Advanced Slider Block

To add the Advanced Slider block to your page, simply click the little “Add Block” icon in the WordPress editor and search for “advanced slider”, and you should see it show up in the block list.

Blockons - Add the Advanced Slider block
Add the Advanced Slider block

Or you can also open the block list sidebar and scroll down to the “Blockons Blocks” category where you will find it in the list there too… Click the Advanced Slider to add it to the page.

Blockons - Add the Advanced Slider block
Add the Advanced Slider block

Editing the Advanced Slider block

Once you’ve selected the Advanced Slider block and added it to your page when using the WordPress Gutenberg editor, you’ll see the Slider offers a lot of settings to fully customize the slider to look and work as you want it to.

The Blockons Advanced Slider Block
The Blockons Advanced Slider Block

When the block has been added, it is created with 2 dummy slides which you can edit as you need… It should all be quite self explanatory and you can hover the mouse the setting icons to see a title of what they do.

In the top right corner of the Slider in edit mode are the settings for each slide. Here you can add an image, the link for the slide and override a lot of the default slider settings which are set in the slider block settings in the right-hand sidebar.

You can also create new slides, duplicate slides and/or remove any slides you choose to.

If you have WooCommerce activated, you will also see the option to select a product to be added as a new slide, turning the Advanced Slider into a WooCommerce product slider.

Add WooCommerce products as slides
WooCommerce product slides

Mix normal slides with WooCommerce Product slides and build the Advanced Slider to display exactly as you need it!

In the right-hand sidebar are all the settings below:

Each settings title clearly explains what it does, but if you’re still unsure, try it out and see what it does… You can position the text, adjust inner and outer padding, change image proportions, edit colors and sizing, and more.

The Blockons Advanced Slider Block Settings
The Advanced Slider Block settings

A lot of these settings are repeated under the settings icon on each slide, which you can use to override the main setting for that slide.

The 2 sections below the Slider Design settings are similar to what is found under the image slider/carousel block, video slider, and most of the other slider type blocks for editing the slider settings and slider controls.

Advanced Slider Settings & Controls
Slider Settings & Controls

We’ve added a lot into this Advanced Slider block… But if you think of any other nice features or find any bugs we may have missed then please get in contact and let us know… We’d like to attend to these as soon as we can.