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Marketing Button Block

Use the marketing button block instead of a normal button to attract your viewers to click through and view and content you want them to see

Instead of the normal, basic button block… The Blockons plugin offer a more attractive (to the viewers eye) and better, stand-out marketing button block for your viewers to click through to your specials or any content you want them to see.

This CTA or Call To Action button offers multiple designs, color and sizing options, icons and multiple text lines to attract your website viewers.


The marketing button block offers lots of different settings to make the call-to-action button look as you need it to.

Adding the Marketing Button

You can easily add the more advanced button to the page by either clicking the “Add Block” icon on the page and searching for “marketing” or “button”, or opening the left sidebar and searching there, or scrolling down and clicking the block in the “Blockons Blocks” section.

Blockons Marketing Button block
Blockons Marketing Button block
Add the marketing button from the sidebar blocks
Add the marketing button from the sidebar blocks

Editing the Marketing Button block

The Marketing Button block offers quite a few different settings to completely change the look of the CTA (call to action), you can adjust the icon positioning, and then adjust the color, size and spacing of the icon too.

You can select if the button is bordered or plain, round or square, and also adjust the padding of the button.

With all these settings available, you can even turn the small button into a larger banner to fit the full content size.

We suggest trying out the settings and changing anything you want to, to see what exactly it can do.

Use the button now… We hope it attracts all eyes and makes more conversions!

Contact us for any help you need using this block.