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Unlock the full potential of your WordPress site with Blockons Pro. Our premium WordPress blocks and add-ons are designed to enhance your website’s performance and design. With features like instant search, image gallery lightboxes, and advanced block visibility, Blockons Pro offers everything you need to create a stunning, functional site.

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Enhance your WordPress Site

Premium Block Features

Enhance your website’s functionality with Blockons Pro. Our premium blocks and powerful add-ons provide the advanced features you need to create a dynamic and engaging site. Seamlessly integrate these enhanced blocks to elevate your site’s performance and user experience.

Advanced Search

Instant Search

An essential feature for any eCommerce store, blog, or informational website, Blockons Instant Search tool is a must-have.

This powerful tool accelerates user checkouts and enhances the overall browsing experience, offering your customers a faster, more seamless way to find what they need. By integrating Instant Search, you not only improve user satisfaction but also increase engagement and conversion rates on your site.

Blockons - Instant predictive search for WordPress
Blockons - Image Gallery Lightbox
Lightbox Gallery

Image Gallery Lightbox

Enhance your website’s visual appeal with the Blockons Pro Image Gallery Lightbox feature. This powerful tool transforms your image galleries into stunning, interactive displays, allowing visitors to view your images in a sleek, full-screen lightbox.

With advanced customization options, you can create a captivating visual experience that keeps users engaged and showcases your content beautifully.

Extend Core WordPress Blocks

Premium Block Extensions

We’ve enhanced core WordPress blocks by incorporating additional powerful features. These enhancements are designed to elevate usability, enrich your overall user experience, and make your website more dynamic and engaging.

Tooltips for WordPress

Better Content Tooltips

Tooltips act as friendly guides on your screen, providing quick snippets of information to help users navigate websites and apps with ease. Blockons Pro elevates this feature with advanced content tooltips for your WordPress website.

Our Pro tooltips offer a more interactive and informative user experience, ensuring your visitors have all the guidance they need right at their fingertips.

Blockons - Create advanced tooltips within your WordPress pages
Blockons - Image Gallery Lightbox
Image Popups for WordPress

Better Image Lightboxes

Besides adding Lightboxes to the Advanced image Gallery block, you can also have more controls over your current image lightboxes and further customize the Lightbox popups as you want.

Select from different colors, themes and link styles to make the lightboxes better suits your website brand and design. Also add multiple images as a lightbox gallery.

Display Blocks per Device

Layout Block Visibility

Blockons Pro offers an advanced extension for block visibility on layout blocks. With this feature, you can control the visibility of blocks based on device screen size, ensuring an optimized and responsive design.

Easily enable Block Visibility to show or hide blocks on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, and adjust breakpoints for seamless responsiveness across all screens. Enhance your website’s user experience by delivering tailored content that adapts perfectly to any device.

Blockons - Block Visibility Extension
Scroll Animations for Blocks

Layout Block Animations

Enhance your website’s visual appeal with Scroll Animations for your layout blocks using Blockons Pro. Easily set your layout blocks to animate in and out as users scroll down the page, adding a dynamic and professional touch to your WordPress pages.

With customizable animation options, you can create engaging and visually stunning effects that captivate your audience and improve their browsing experience.

Extend Your Website Functionality

Premium Site Add-ons

Enhance your website’s functionality and professionalism with Blockons Pro. Include additional features and enhancements to elevate the user experience, creating a polished and professional impression for your visitors. Transform your site into a dynamic and engaging platform that leaves a lasting impact.

More Options

More Page Loaders

Blockons Pro provides a variety of options for adding a Page Loader animation to your website. Display a sleek CSS animated page loader to inform users that the page is currently loading, enhancing their experience during delays caused by images or plugins.

This feature is particularly useful for maintaining engagement and ensuring a smooth browsing experience even when your site has heavier content.

Blockons - Css Page Loaders
Blockons - Back to Top button with Progress Scroll
Scroll Indicator Button

Back to Top Scroll Indicator Button

Transform the Back to Top button on your website into a scroll indicator with Blockons Pro, giving users a visual cue of their scrolling progress.

This feature allows users to see how far they have scrolled and how much is left, enhancing their navigation experience. Blockons Pro offers additional customization options to tailor the scroll indicator button’s colors and design to match your site’s aesthetics.

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Enhance your WooCOmmerce Store

WooCommerce Pro Addons

Exciting new WooCommerce Premium Addons are coming soon! Look forward to features like WooCommerce Side Cart, Product Quick View, and more. Stay tuned for these powerful enhancements to elevate your online store experience!

Enhance the functionality and professionalism of your WooCommerce store with Blockons Pro. Explore premium features created to elevate user experience and usability. Select only the features that best suit your needs

Premium Addon for WooOCmmerce

WooCommerce Side Cart

Blockons gives you the power to display a WooCommerce side cart on your online store, enabling users to easily access items from anywhere on the site.

Blockons side cart neatly slides onto the page and comes with extra customization options.

Powerful, Performance based and Flexibility

Purchase Blockons Pro today and transform your WordPress site with advanced blocks and add-ons.