Build your website with Blockons blocks

Build better engaging and more visually attractive website pages using Blockons WordPress blocks in the Gutenberg editor.

Blockons also offers extra Site Add-ons, adding the extra bells and whistles you need to build a better functioning website.

WordPress Blocks for the WordPress editor!

Using the Blockons WordPress plugin, you can build beautiful and engaging website content.

Easily add the blocks you need and edit the settings and design settings to display as you need.

Advanced / Product Slider

Advanced Slider Block

Advanced Image Gallery

Advanced Gallery Block

Image Comparison

Image Comparison Blocks

Testimonials Slider / Carousel

Testimonials Slider / Carousel block

Search Bar / Icon

Search Bar or Search Icon block

Blockons also includes custom WooCommerce blocks to add to your online store pages.

The WooCommerce plugin needs to be activated for these blocks to be available.
...more blocks coming soon !

We’re building as fast as we can to bring you more…

Blockons Blocks Manager

Enhance your WordPress blocks editor

Blockons also offers the ability to select which blocks are available in the WordPress editor to building your pages with.

Turning off the blocks that are not used once you’ve completed your pages will save the files being loaded and improve your site speed.

Blockons WordPress blocks manager - Select which blocks you want to enable on your website
Site Add-ons - Select with site features you want to add to your website

Blockons Site Add-ons

Add on Extra Website features

Besides editor blocks, the Blockons WordPress blocks plugin also offers site add-ons such as back to top button, scroll progress indicators and more.

Build advanced website features using Blockons website add-ons.

Built to be super fast and intuitive

An easy-to-use Free WordPress blocks plugin

Loading only the code that is required, the Blockons plugin is built using the latest technologies and is lightning fast!

All settings are very intuitive making it very easy to use, and we also have growing documentation and FAQ pages to help with anything you’re not sure of.

Blockons - Built to be fast and intuitive
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