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Build visually stunning and engaging website pages with Blockons WordPress blocks in the Gutenberg editor. Our versatile and intuitive custom WordPress blocks enable you to create professional, polished content effortlessly. Blockons Gutenberg blocks offer a seamless experience to elevate your website’s aesthetics and user interaction.

In addition to the advanced WordPress blocks, Blockons provides extra site addons for WordPress to enhance your website’s functionality. From advanced navigation options to performance-boosting tools, Blockons site addons ensure your website not only looks great but also functions flawlessly. Discover the ultimate WordPress plugin for blocks with Blockons.

WordPress Blocks for the WordPress editor!

With the Blockons WordPress plugin, you can create beautiful and engaging website content effortlessly.

Easily add the advanced WordPress blocks you need and customize the settings to match your vision. With Blockons, managing and designing with Gutenberg blocks is straightforward, allowing you to display content exactly as you want. Enhance your website further with our site addons for WordPress, providing the extra features and flexibility you need.

Blockons also includes custom WooCommerce blocks to add to your online store pages.

The WooCommerce plugin needs to be activated for these blocks to be available.
...more blocks coming soon !

We’re building as fast as we can to bring you more…

Blockons Blocks Manager

Enhance your WordPress blocks editor

Blockons also allows you to choose which blocks are available in the WordPress editor when building your pages.

By turning off unused blocks after completing your pages, you can reduce unnecessary file loading, ultimately improving your site speed and performance.

Blockons WordPress blocks manager - Select which blocks you want to enable on your website
Site Add-ons - Select with site features you want to add to your website

Blockons Site Add-ons

Add on Extra Website features

In addition to editor blocks, the Blockons WordPress blocks plugin also offers site add-ons like a back-to-top button, scroll progress indicators, and more.

Enhance your website with advanced features using Blockons site add-ons for a richer user experience.

Built to be super fast and intuitive

An easy-to-use Free WordPress blocks plugin

The Blockons plugin is built using the latest technologies to ensure lightning-fast performance by loading only the code that is required. Its intuitive settings make it easy to use, allowing you to create stunning website content effortlessly.

Our comprehensive documentation and FAQ pages are continuously growing to assist with any questions you might have, ensuring you have all the support you need. Plus, regular updates ensure you always have access to the latest features and improvements.

Blockons - Built to be fast and intuitive
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