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Website Page Loader

See why a website page loader or preloader is important for your page while the content loads

Nowadays, even though we have faster and faster internet connections, some hosting servers or website pages can take a little longer to load the page… And sometimes users struggle to wait even 4 seconds for the page to load before closing the browser window and moving on.

This is where a website page loader, also know as a preloader, can become useful as an indication that it won’t take long and that “the page is coming now”.


Website Page Loader / Preloader
Website Page Loader / Preloader

What is a website page loader

A page loader (or preloader or loader) is essentially a small element that will load straight away before the other content on the page that will display a simple animation for the user to see while server operations finish processing the page.

This small animation is simple, but it will keep the user entertained for the extra few seconds needed for all the page content to finish loading.

Why is a page loader important

As mentioned above, a website page loader can grab the viewers attention for a little longer so that the page can complete loading the assets from the hosting server.

A loader also indicates that the site hasn’t crashed, as sometimes images or content can break the layout if the images are loaded before the CSS styling has loaded.