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Install & Activate the Blockons WordPress plugin

See the process to install and activate the Blockons WordPress plugin, to start building the pages you need for your WordPress website.

Blockons, the name which is a portmanteau of the words “blocks” and “add-ons, to form the name “Blockons” is listed on the WordPress directory as a free blocks plugin for your WordPress website.

Login to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New to install a plugin to your website.

Plugins -> Add New -> Blockons
Plugins -> Add New

Then in the search bar on the right, enter the name “Blockons” and wait a few seconds for the plugin list to refresh, you should then see the plugin to show up in the list.

Search for "Blockons" in the WordPress plugin directory
Search for “Blockons”

Once you see the list refresh, make you you find the correct plugin, the same as in the image here:

Install & Activate the Blockons WordPress plugin
Install & Activate the Blockons WordPress Plugin

You can the click to Install and Active the Blockons plugin.

Once the plugin is activated, you can then go to any Page or Post and start using the Blockons WordPress plugin.