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WooCommerce Mini Cart block

Add a neat drop down WooCommerce mini cart block to your header, footer or page content with Blockons.

So, you want a WooCommerce mini cart block to display on your site… Blockons has the solution for you.

Blockons offers a block to display your users cart and all its items in a neat drop down basket, and users can edit the items or go straight to their cart or checkout to complete the purchase.


Here you can add products to the cart and see the WooCommerce mini cart block in action.

Hover over the WooCommerce mini cart to see the products display.

Adding the WooCommerce Mini Cart Block

To add the WooCommerce mini cart block is as simple as adding any of the other editor blocks. Just click to add a new block and search for the “mini cart”, or “woocommerce mini cart” or “blockons cart” phrases and it should show up.

Add a WooCommerce Mini Cart

Or you can search for it in the left blocks sidebar… You should also be able to find it under the “Blockons Blocks” category by scrolling down in the sidebar.

Add a mini cart from the sidebar

Editing the WooCommerce Mini Cart block

By default the WC Mini Cart block only displays a cart icon with an amount, and an amount of items that have been added to the cart.

You are able to add a custom url, switch the order of display, or remove the amount or items amount if you like.

WooCommerce Mini Cart Settings

There is also the option to add a mini cart or a drop down basket of items which will display for the user when the icon is hovered over. The user can then remove items or click to checkout and complete their purchase once finished shopping.

Display a cart of items

In the design settings for the Mini Cart, you can change the icon or edit any colors or sizing for the mini cart block.

WC Mini Cart Design Settings

If something is not working for you when using the Mini Cart block, or you simply need help with using this block, then please contact us.