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Image Carousel Block or Image Slider

See how to add and edit the Image Carousel block or slider block to your website pages to display your images beautifully.

Easily create an Image Carousel block or an Image Slider block to display your images beautifully on your website, using the free Blockons WordPress plugin.


Adding the Image Carousel / Slider block

To add the Image Carousel block, click on the little plus sign to “Add Block” and do a search for either “image“, “carousel“, “slider“, “gallery” or “blockons” and you should then see it pop up in the list.

Image Carousel block / Image slider block
Image Carousel block / Image slider block

Then, to start adding images to the slider, you can click the “Create Image Carousel Gallery” button, which you will find within the actual block, or within the right sidebar where all the other settings are usually found.

You can also search for the Image Carousel block in the left sidebar where all the blocks are found… To open the left sidebar you just need to click “Browse all”.

Blockons Image Carousel block
Blockons Image Carousel block

Click Create Image Carousel Gallery to open the media select or upload popup, and from there you can select multiple images to display in the carousel / slider block.

You can upload them from a location on your computer, or select multiple images that have already been uploaded and are in the Media Section on your WordPress dashboard, then click “Add to Gallery” to create a new group of images.

Create a new gallery in the WP media popup
Create a new gallery in the WP media popup

Here you can add captions to the images and re-order them into the order that you want them in by dragging the images and dropping them into position. Once you’ve completed this, you can click “Insert Gallery” and this will then add them to the Image Carousel block.

Editing the Image Carousel block settings

Now that you’ve added images to the block, you will see a bunch of extra settings show up in the right sidebar settings panels, below the button for if you want to Add more images to the carousel.

This first setting below the add more images button is to change the type of carousel you want… We suggest editing and deciding on this setting first, because changing this may require a “Save” and “Refresh” to see it work… The block will let you know if it seed the refresh.

This happens because: This setting is a ‘Read-Only’ option which is not meant to be changes, so to re-initialise the slider with this option enabled, the page needs to be refreshed.

Select from the different slider types
Select from the different slider types

The 3 slider options available here are:

  • Basic Carousel – This is a basic slider or carousel for your images, this has the option to turn on “Rewind” which will make the slider visually scroll back to the first image once it reaches the end.
  • Loop Carousel – This will make the slider or carousel seem like an infinite loop which continuously scrolls through the images going forwards or backwards.
  • Fade Slider – This will only let you display one image within the slider, this option is not available as a carousel (showing multiple images in one slide).

Using the Basic Carousel & Loop Carousel options, you can then adjust the Slides per view settings to turn the slider into a carousel, showing multiple images per each slide.

Change the slider type and test it out until you’re happy with the one you want !

Next up are the Image Carousel design settings where you can adjust the image proportions for the slides… This will make all the images display at the same size and aspect ratio’s.

The proportions you can select are:

  • Actual Image – Use the actual image proportions. The images can be different and they will display as their actual proportions they are uploaded at.
  • Square image – Display all the images to be square in proportion.
  • 3:2 aspect ratio – Display in a ratio size of 3 width and 2 height proportion.
  • 4:3 aspect ratio – Display in a ratio size of 4 width and 3 height proportion
  • 16:9 aspect ratio – Display in a ratio size of 16 width and 9 height proportion.

There are also settings to adjust the border radius or roundness of the images and side padding to display pieces of the next and previous slides with the main slide in focus.

You can also adjust the display of the image caption. You can display the caption over the image in different positions or below it… Change this option and see which one you like best.

Caption Position

To remove the caption, just remove it off the image in the image settings.

Image Carousel / Slider control settings

Adjust the slider controls, how they display on the Image Carousel block or Slider block.

You can show or hide the controls completely… Change the arrows icons and pagination display to dots or numbers… And you can also select to only display the carousel / slider controls when a user hovers over the images.

If you think of extra features that may work well with the Image Carousel block then please let us know, or contact us if you simple need help with something when using this WordPress block.